Tuesday, 13 April 2021


In this section you will find new scenarios created for Fear of the Dark. 

Here you will find a detailed description of the scenario and the idea is making them available for free to players who have the rulebook. 

How does that work? 

I will make scenarios, and post them in Wargamevault TOGETHER with the rulebook, so that the people who bought the book just have to go to their Wargamevault profile and download again the Fear of the Dark ruleset, and the new scenario will download FOR FREE together with the rulebook.

Of course, if sombody buys the rulebook in a future, the scenarios will be downloaded for free together with the ruleset.

I hope you like the game and the intention is to give players more chances to play.


In this section you will find articles related to wargaming. They will cover different aspects of this hobby and are made to help wargamers.

The subjects dealt in the posts are quite different one from the other, but all of them will be helpful or at least I will try to make them a good read.

This section will grow as I add more articles to the blog, I hope you find them useful.

- Low cost wargaming. Wargames have always been seen as an expensive hobby. You have to buy a lot of miniatures, buy paint bottles, buy a lot of terrain, buy a mat... and that gets even worse when we deal with solo wargamers that have to buy everything by themselves. In this post I will try to give some hints on how to make a nice gaming board the cheapest possible way.

- Solo wargaming. This post is about solo players: why do we play solo, what tools do we need to do it, apart from a long list of solo rulebooks available. You may want to start playing solo, or you are just interested in this way of wargaming, anyway I hope you find this post interesting.

- Cars, scales and wargames. This post deals with a problem that every wargamer finds sometime. Vehicles are a part of the terrain or are used in games, but it seems that the vehicles never have the correct size: they may be huge, or tiny, or the only ones that seem to fit your miniatures are really expensive. I will try to give some advice on how to get a nice motor pool. 

- Papercraft buildings and terrain. Papercraft is cheap. Papercraft is nice. Papercraft can be stored taking almost no space at all... So, why is papercraft so underestimated? Let´s try to answer that in this post. Maybe I change your mind and you start collecting papercraft terrain.


In this section we will find the battle reports available. You may have a look at them to take an exampleon how to make the scenarios or just to enjoy.

Although spoiling the scenarios will try to be avoided, keep in mind that relevant information on the plot of the scenario may be revealed.

- A cabin in the woods. Our heroes go to a secluded cabin deep in the woods where a man was killed two days ago in strange circunstances. Will they discover what happened? or will they die trying? This battle report was made to explain how some of the rules work (activation, combat, movement...).

- Dont open that door. Our heroes are trapped in a secluded town in the mountains, monsters seem to be behind every corner ready to atack, and the only way to expel those onsters from our world is finding a man who has the key to do it.


In this section you will find free support material created for Fear of the Dark. The material available will grow as the game develops.

I hope you find it useful!

- Weapon Cards. This is a set of cards that detail weapons (range, damage...) so that you know clearly which character is equipped with each weapon and you have all the weapon details at hand. 

- How to equip/arm your warband. These are rules made to equip our warband with weapons as it wasn´t stated properly in the rulebook. Feel free to use them whenever you are creating your warband.

- Detailed battle report. This battle report was made to explain how some of the rules work (activation, combat, movement...). It may solve some doubts on the rules.

Saturday, 10 April 2021


Quite a few times I have been asked about the buildings I use when playing Fear of the Dark , and I think they deserve their own post... 

When I started with the idea of ​​playing skirmish wargames alone and at home, I had several problems, the buildings I wanted to use as terrain (resin, 3D, mdf, plastic ...) were expensive and occupy a lot of space. Think that we are dealing with solo wargamers, and most of them have to store their miniatures and terrain at home.

"They were expensive" ... Many of you will think that they are not expensive for the quality and detail they offer, but of course, if we think that I play alone, the cost in mdf (for example) of a city that fills a 90x90 game board, being the only one who pays for all the buildings becomes too expensive... 
And if we talk about making several settings... Well, that´s quite a lot of money... 

"they occupy a lot of space"... Buildings to represent a city on a 90x90 game board occupy quite a lot, and we are not talking about shelves or boxes in a club, we are talking about a house where I live with my wife and two little boys...  for example...

So in my search for a solution I found cardboard buildings, they are cheap and if I could find a way to store them without occupying much space they would be my best option.

Most papercraft buildings are designed to be made and stay that way glued, being impossible to fold them without breaking them, and then the buildings, although being cheap, they take the same room as a resin or mdf one.

As I didn´t find buildings that could be folded flat I chose to design them myself so that they could be folded and could be stored without occupying a lot. 

Based on papercraft buildings from companies such as worldworks games, fat dragon games and Z-war one boardgame, I "re-designed" the buildings so that they could be folded, separating walls and roof. 

I made a few houses printed in A3 on 200 grms paper, look at the result, and see how those houses look once glued and how much space they take once they they stored... 
In the last photo you have an example game board with these houses.

Apart from that small town I wanted to have a city setting, and I wanted the roofs to be playable, so they needed a flat surface.
Once again, using models that I bought from companies that sell them online to make building models that can´t be folded I modified them.

Here we see how it is folded and how we assemble it, in the last photo, with minis and some terrain. 

There will be people who think that the idea of using papercraft is not good, but for me it is ...

Why? Well, because the cost is the cheapest I have found, I can make many houses of different settings and most important, it allows me to keep everything in a single box...

I usually use recycled boxes (I have many of the same) with the measures 38x28x10 cm, to give you an idea it is like an A3 but 10 cm high.

Inside those boxes I can put an entire city and still I have plenty of spare room. Everything you see in the second photo is in that box (buildings, streets, lampposts, trash cans ...), and as you can see, there is plenty of room left.

In the box in which I put the middle east town, I had so much spare space that I put all the palm trees, small terrain pieces, figures ...

And maybe you think that this system works with simple structures, because another kind of structures would be more difficult to fold. Well, this is the las terrain piece that I made myself from a Dave Graffam model.

All the buildings you see in this pictures are modified versions of products you can buy online, so I'm going to make a small list of the best companies I have found:

Worldworks games, has plenty of houses and buildings for several settings (medieval/fantasy, modern, far west, scifi...)

Fat Dragon games (nice selection of medieval/fantasy and modern/20´s buildings)

Stoetzel models (several modern/20´s buildings and houses)

Dave Graffam (fantasy/medieval houses)

This options are really cheap (think around 1-4$ for a big building you can print as much as you want) but there are other FREE options that you may consider as well:

Zwarone is a really good zombie boardgame that is worth to be considered for zombie apocalypse games, and in their web page they offer to download for free a set of several houses that have a really good quality (I use many of them when I play).

Papermau is a webpage full of free papercraft, you can spend a whole afternoon checking this webpage to find real treasures. It has a good search engine to look for what you need (try house, boat, egyptian temple... for example).

There are many more companies, but these ones listed above have the highest quality/lowest price that I have found, and apart from such a huge amount of buildings, they have mats, scatter terrain, bridges and almost anything you may need for your wargaming table. 

Well, I hope I have satisfied your curiosity, and as always, I hope to encourage you to play alone...

Don't let terrain and scenery be a problem...

Friday, 2 April 2021


Testing (once and again) another new scenario that will be available as soon as I get my PC back (it's being repaired).

As always happens with Fear of the Dark scenarios, I'll try not to spoil the story, so, I'm going to make an AAR but skipping/changing some of the details of the scenario as I would like you to play and enjoy it... 

This is a tense scenario that may seem quite easy but it may become a death trap easily in just a couple of turns. 

Don't give anything for granted and enjoy... 

Our group of characters face a hell of a problem when they find themselves in a small town where everything seems to be wrong. 

Our warband is in that small town looking for a man that is trapped there, scary and dangerous monsters seem to be behind every corner and that man knows how to send those creatures back to hell, but he is unable to do it alone. 

Our characters have to find that person and help him to cast a spell to make all those monsters disappear and send them back to the hell they came from. 

Don't think this is going to be easy... 

This is going to be the gaming table, in which we will place 4 Points of Interest and 1d5+1 monsters. We will place a "main" building (I placed a church) in one corner, and we will deploy our warband right in the opposite corner. 

My hero and his two allies have to check the Points of Interest until they find the man they are looking for.

As they move towards the Points of Interest, some creatures appear suddenly and go straight to them. 

Our characters move forward killing some creatures, they think that this is going to be an easy adventure when everything goes wrong and more monsters keep appearing from some nearby streets. 

And when our warband was thinking that things were turning difficult, they hear some gunfire and they see the man they are looking for fighting a few monsters more.

They fight the creatures that appear from everywhere, and one of the allies is wounded, but she heals herself as she has the First Aid skill. The rest is surrounded by those same monsters that try to kill them. 

Fighting their way through the creatures, they finally get close to the man, leaving a trail of blood and dead monsters. 

There was a moment that I had four characters (the three members of my warband and the man they had to find) fighting nine creatures... That was quite a big activation deck. 

And once beside that man, they can help him to cast a spell to defeat the creatures, making it alive from the small town that almost becomes a death trap.

Wow, that was close... Playing the scenario several times gives me an idea on how to balance the enemy forces because although it is quite random, as an average I'm happy on how it finally works. 

It will be available for free but I have to wait until my computer is repaired. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

Monday, 29 March 2021


I have been asked a few times about how players should arm the characters of their warband, if they could equip them with as many weapons as they wanted or if there was a limit, and even if they had to start without weapons.

It is true that it is an issue that I left up to the players themselves, assuming that people would equip their characters in a proportional or balanced way, but I forgot to give a guide in case of not being clear how to do it.

Errare human est, so I write these lines to soLve this issue and correct my mistake.

Our characters´ world is a tough world. They are ordinary people who are involved in strange stories surrounded by dangers and their life expectancy is short.

That is why, despite being ordinary people, they will try to arm themselves the best they can in order to fight the dangers that threaten them.

How will we equip our warband?

Well, the rule is simple:

We count the number of characters in our side and we subtract one. The resulting number is the number of points we have to spend on equipping them with weapons. The cost of the weapons is given as follows:

            two-handed sword / ax      1

            pistol / revolver               1

            shotgun                                2

            rifle                                     2

            submachine gun                   3

            sniper rifle                        3

Let's look at it with a couple of examples to make it clear:

Example 1.

Our warband is integrated by a Hero and two Allies (3 characters), so we have 2 points (3 characters-1) to equip them with weapons. I decide to buy 2 pistols and give them to the characters I want.

Example 2.

Our warband is integrated by a Hero, an Ally and three extras, so we have 4 points (5 characters-1) to invest in acquiring weapons. So I decide to buy a shotgun and two pistols for the five characters that I have.

Example 3.

Our warband is integrated by a Hero and six Extras, so we have 6 points (7 characters-1) to buy weapons for them. I decide to get a submachine gun for my hero, and two pistols and a two-handed ax to distribute among the six extras.

But what about the rest of the melee weapons?

Well, normal melee weapons are free. You can equip any character who does not carry firearms with normal melee weapons.

What do we consider normal melee weapons?

One-handed melee weapons: Knives, clubs, baseball bats, clubs, axes, and even a sword. Two-handed weapons are excluded.

And with these rules it is clear how we can equip our warband, but some doubts have arisen about combat with weapons:

How many weapons can a character carry?

A character can only use ONE weapon per turn, so even if he carries two pistols, he can only use one of them.

But apart from that, a character can carry the equivalent of two hands, that is, he could carry two pistols or a two-handed weapon, according to the following classification:

    One-Handed Weapons:







        baseball bat

        short spear

    Two-Handed Weapons:



        submachine gun

        two-handed sword

        two-handed ax

According to this classification, a character could carry a pistol and an ax (although he could only use one of them), or two knives, or a shotgun, or a revolver and a stick, or a two-handed ax...

Does it cost any action to change from using one weapon to another?

If a character has an ax and a pistol he can switch from one to the other at no cost in terms of actions.

Can guns jam or run out of ammo?

That option is out of our games to seek simplicity in this ruleset. The scenes are fast and it is considered that the weapons do not jam and that the characters carry enough ammunition.

Can I exchange a weapon from one character to another?

If you decide it BEFORE the scene you can do it without problem, but if you decide it DURING a scene, the characters will have to get closer to 1" or less and exchange the weapon with a cost of one action as explained in the ruleset.

If a character is KO'd in a scene, can another character pick up his weapon?

Yes, he can, although he will have to approach the character that is KO'd and spend an action to pick up the weapon, the same as if he were exchanging the weapon.

If a character is KO'd in one scene, can I assign their weapon to another character in the next scene?

Only if this other character picked up the weapon DURING the scene from the character that was KOed. If he did not do that because the scene ended before, the weapon cannot be assigned to this other character.

You can download this rules as a PDF in the following links: