Monday 5 February 2024


Do you remember those imaginary monsters that lurked under your bed when you were a kid? Well, I have two bad news: they were not imaginary and they are not hiding anymore...

Turn on your flashlight and hold on tight to your gun. Let's go down this staircase together into the dark cellar where you can hear things crawling...

Usually when we talk about tabletop miniatures´ wargames we think of a historical, futuristic or fantasy setting. These are usually the most common settings that fill the gaming tables in the world of wargames.

Today we are going to focus on a not very usual setting when we talk about wargames. Horror, but not just any horror wargame, but those set in the works of HP Lovecraft. Most of them are skirmish wargames and are miniature agnostic, which means that they don´t have an official range of miniatures for the game, so you can use whatever miniatures you have.


Fear of the Dark is a solo horror skirmish wargame set in the worlds of madness created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Solo as this game is designed to be played alone, just you trying to make your warband survive another day. Although it could be played with two or even three players in cooperative mode, that is, fighting together against the forces of darkness.

This is not an usual wargame (competitive mode / player vs player) with some solo rules designed ad hoc, this is a solo game.

Horror as the supernatural and the mystery will be the common thread of our scenarios.

Our characters will have to face haunted houses, gangsters, supernatural beings drawn from the worst nightmares, groups of cultists who want to awake forgotten gods, mysterious murders, ancient curses, and dusty books that predict the end of the world as we know it.

Skirmish since the games will be played with just a few miniatures on a table with some scenery, although this game is not attached to any specific brand of miniatures and you can use any that you like. Forget about huge armies and lots and lots of miniatures on the table.

Another strong point of this game relies in its narrative aspect. The focus is on the story since the plot in each scenario will have a great narrative weight, not just fighting without any reason or random encounters of wandering monsters.

The scenarios will have a story that connects everything, all the events that happen will have a reason, and even may never be known by the player until the scenario is over.


Mythos Encounters is a miniature skirmish game of the Cthulhu Mythos. This is a cooperative game, in which Investigators work together to face the horrors of ruthless cultists, mysterious alien creatures and the elder gods themselves.

Your investigators can face enemies head-on, trusting in your strength and weaponry, or take a more subtle approach using stealth and gathering clues to gain an advantage.

Enemy creatures in Mythos Encounters change from encounter to encounter, and their behavior is determined by a variety of AI tactics.

As your investigators progress through each encounter, they will gain new abilities, equipment and allies that will allow them to face even greater threats. They may also gain permanent physical injuries or debilitating mental disorders.


Players build squads of valiant agents from the Threshold Agency - mankind’s only shield against the unimaginable forces that lurk beyond the veil – and do battle with the foul Lurkers, who seek to pave the way for the return of their dark gods. As Threshold squads progress through a broad range of scenarios, they will gain new abilities and equipment through an option-filled advancement system. Be wary though! The opposing Lurkers can tailor their forces to match Threshold’s level each game, selecting from over 50 devilish monster profiles lifted straight from the pages of the Mythos to present Threshold with a nearly limitless variety of challenges. As you advance, the injuries will mount, followed by the inevitable onset of madness, assuming your operatives remain stalwart and don't fall prey to the insidious temptation of darkness...

Journey into fear and beyond madness!


Lovecraft's Revenge is a tabletop game by Two Hour Wargames that plunges you into the world created by horror writer HP Lovecraft. It's about persons who dug a little too deep, driven mad by knowledge never meant for mortal minds. It's about places with thoughts and souls of their own. And it's about things whose very existence cackles at the laws of nature. These creatures defy accurate description, view people as mere insects, and can drive you out of your mind (sometimes literally) simply by standing before you.

This game can be played by any number of players; either solo, same side, or head to head.

In Lovecraft's Revenge, players control one or more characters in an rpg-like Lovecraftian adventure. Each adventure has a goal and the goal is attained by collecting clues and managing to survive the ordeal with mind and body intact. The game unfolds through a number of scenes at various general locations. Each location will likely have some kind of encounter. Some encounters will surely be of a combat nature, but others might involve solving puzzles or interacting with npc's within the adventure.

This is it for wargames based on Lovecraft´s works. The setting of the above games is strictly the setting created by HP Lovecraft for his books. The next wargames are classic or generic horror wargames that can be twisted easily into Lovecraftian horror. Even if you are not looking for a classic horror wargame they are worth a look.


Nightmares become real, and the dead walk the earth! All the monsters from man's worst nightmares come alive in this set of fast-playing horror miniature rules which is based on the popular, Origins-nominated Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics. Fight zombies, vampires, mad slashers, ghosts, werewolves, witches and other bloodcurdling monstrosities straight out of the folklore books and horror movies. Hunt for them - before they hunt YOU!


Perilous Tales is a cooperative skirmish wargame of thrilling tabletop adventures.  Not strictly a Lovecraftian Wargame, but can be easily twisted into a tentacled nightmare.

Fend off unknown beasts in an Arctic camp. Uncover evil doings in an abandoned church. Hunt the wild beast of the Hemwich moors. Ghosts, vampires, evil genius, Russian spies, witches, fiends from beyond the stars… You are only limited by your collection of miniatures and your imagination.

You create a band of heroes; using a flexible and simple character creation system; generate an episode and play it to its thrilling conclusion!

In each episode, the villain and its minions are controlled by the game, using a simple “programming” system. Each episode will have several objectives that your characters will be striving to complete before the time runs out or the plucky heroes are slain.  The play area is beset with threat markets, which may be perilous terrain, or the terrible beasts that are hunting you.

In Perilous Tales, the emphasis is not always on killing, in fact often you are trying to take a critical photograph, recover a crucial artefact, or escape to achieve fame, fortune, or simply to live to another day.


Imagine a world where all of your deepest fears have come to life, a place where monsters, terrifying creatures and deviant criminals threaten your very existence and that of the entire planet.

You and your friends are the only ones that can stop these terrible plans… Will you succeed or will you die trying?

In Arkeo Obskura a handful of heroes (from the Modern or Victorian eras or even from the early 1900s) face incredible adventures populated by zombies, witches, mummies, ghosts, the forgotten, aliens...

The game system is easy to lean and intuitive and you don’t need a Master.

You can play solitaire or with friends in cooperative or competitive mode.

You will see your characters grow, buying new characteristics and equipment from one game to the next.


Chaos In Cairo is a fast-paced, skirmish-level miniatures battle game designed to simulate clashes in the Pulp-era of fiction. It tells the tale of warbands of rival antiquarians and their associates battling for items of occult power amidst the dusty streets of 1920’s Cairo, Egypt.

Chaos In Cairo is a Goal-System Game, based off of the same mechanics that power the SuperSystem: Superhero Miniature Battles game (specially tailored to fit the Pulp genre). It focuses on a clash between two unique bands of rival antiquarians, and complete game stats for these models are included. Additionally, an appendix is included featuring rules for character and henchmen creation, allowing players to bring in appropriate models from any range.


Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror is not a standalone wargame but a supplement for Fistful of Lead (you will need a copy of the Fistful of Lead rules)

As with previous Fistful of Lead rules each player only needs 5 or 6 miniatures to start gaming. You can play 1 on 1 games or larger skirmishes with up to 6 or 8 players.

The main protagonists of Tales of Horror are the Vampires, Werewolves and other monsters from folklore and the horror films of the silver screen. This supplement describes the various creatures and provides traits and additional rules to allow players to use the Fistful of Lead rules to play Gothic Horror games, or any Horror genre.

Players will take on the roles of these Creatures of the Night, or the brave Hunters who pursue them

Well, this is it for now. You have now a lot of rulesets to check. I hope you sleep well tonight and nightmares don´t keep you awake.

I know that I may have not mentioned many wargames that I missed or forgot, so I would be really grateful if you drop a line by the comment section reminding me what I forgot. 

P.S. I know I didn´t mention Achtung Cthulhu, because although it includes monsters and deities from the HPL works it doesn´t fit the Lovecraftian setting as is based in a weird ww2 background about the "secret war".

Tuesday 13 June 2023


I wanted to play a scenario similar to a raid on Innsmouth, but Fear of the Dark rules are focused on narrative play with just a few miniatures, and when I tried to use many miniatures on the table the game used to slow down due to such amount of information and miniatures.

I have designed a ww2 solo/PvP skirmish wargame that right now is under proofreading by Steve Ireland (as you may notice english is not my mother language) to fix any kind of typo and grammar/style mistake (I am really grateful to Steve Ireland for helping me). It will be available in a month or two but I wanted to use this rulest to play this scenario as an advance of what is coming (I also want to make a weird ww2 version of the rules).

The rules work perfect dealing with big skirmishes: fun, easy, fast, dynamic and lethal... 

Well, the scenario starts with some people disappearing in a small fishy coastal town in Massachusetts, after that some government agents sent to investigate are killed by a strange sect, a large group of disturbed maniacs that are hidden in the town. A large group of soldiers is sent to the town to arrest the members of the sect, acting at the very same time in several points of the town.

This is one of the missions that took place that night...

The soldiers are deployed in the surroundings of the harbour, where a large group of maniacs are supposed to gather. Their objective is to arrest as many of them, including one high priest of the sect.

They arrive there to find that the members of the sect are horrible monsters that come from the sea commanded by an octopus-like leader that keep calling them from the depths to fight the soldiers.

As the mission starts there is already quite a horde of deep ones on the table, and the priest will summon more deep ones each turn, so it´s vital to kill him as soon as possible. Once the priest is killed there will be no more deep ones reinforcing their side. 

The soldiers must advance as much as they can to kill the priest ´cause no matter how many deep ones the soldiers kill, they keep appearing in the harbour.

The deep ones deploy on a corner of the table, and their spawning point is that corner (where the harbour is)- The soldiers deploy on the opposite corner.

I decided to make three groups to advance through the sides and the front at the same time. My idea was to get close to the priest as fast as possible, and dividing the forces will be better as it would divide the deep ones forces as well.

I´m going to describe what happened to each of the groups that I command (left flank, front and right flank):

The left flank advanced and they found a group of deep ones opposing them. Two corners of buildings acted as a funnel and that made the deep ones get closer to the soldiers.

The soldiers fought fiercely, but the monsters got too close to them. Bad luck with some die rolls made the soldiers fall under the claws on those depp ones.

The soldiers that advanced through the front faced a different problem, they where outnumbered from the very begining. no matter how many deep ones they killed they kept advancing. Too many monsters advanced through the front, and the soldiers where easily surrounded and killed one by one.

The right flank was luckier, most of the deep ones decided to advance through the center of the table, leaving this side a bit unprotected, besides that the soldiers had a wide street to advance, being able to take down a few monsters as they advanced.

The soldiers got to the harbour, and there was a moment... for a few minutes victory was mine!
The priest had to hide behind a truck as one of my soldiers run towards him to put a bullet through his octopus head... 

But luck was not on my side...

After a few bad rolls the advanced soldier was killed by a deep one in a swift attack...
The two remaining soldiers outnumbered and facing an increasing horde of blood thristy monsters were forced to flee before they were killed.

The mission was really fun and intense, really dynamic and I couldn´t take the eyes from the table. I hope you enjoyed this AAR.

Thursday 4 May 2023

Rubicon Models City walls review

Some time ago I bought a set of city walls from Rubicon Models. I thought it was a great set and not expensive at all, so I decided to give It a go.

The box included four identical sprues, enough to make Up to 60 cms of walls.

All the parts of the walls fit each other perfect and it´s quite easy to assemble, but I used some glue to make a tough piece.

As most of the terrain pieces they are quite easy and fast to Paint, and once painted they look top on the gaming table.

I took pictures of the walls besides a 28mm miniature from Black tree (the same size as warlord´s miniatures) and they look top side by side.

I think it´s a great product that adds an awesome detail to any gaming table, and that it isn´t expensive at all, I think I just paid 15€ for the box.

Wednesday 3 August 2022


Fear of the Dark skirmish wargame is back with a second edition!

After a year and a half from being published an improved second edition is available: Rules have been checked and modified, the AI controlling the enemies has been made easier to use, layout has been improved, typos have been corrected and checked...

Fear of the Dark 2nd edition is now available and it is made of two books including the whole set of rules (tokens, cards and everything needed to play), eight scenarios and a short campaign... 

More than 260 pages full of chances to fight nameless horrors...

Fear of the Dark is a narrative solo wargame of skirmish battles using miniatures set in the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft and designed to play solo or full coop.

Narrative since the plot in each scenario will have a great deal of narrative weight, everything will have a reason in these scenarios. 

The background of this wargame is set in the worlds of madness created by H,P, Lovecraft, where a strange universe of gods and monsters underlies our reality, twisting our world upside down and throwing ourselves into a bottomless pit of madness.

Solo since Fear of the Dark is designed to be played solo, although you can play with more people as long as they work cooperatively. 

The AI will decide which enemy miniature will activate and which actions will it make, so, you don't play both sides, you just play your side against this AI, but I have to warn you... That damned AI is good at it... This is not going to be easy...

Skirmish since the games will be played with a few miniatures on a small table with some terrain.

If you want more information on Fear of the Dark just visit the post made to explain what this game is about:

What is Fear of the Dark?

Or you can visit Fear of the Darkfacebook group by clicking this LINK.

Fear of the Dark is available through Wargamevault, and you can buy it for 10€/11$ cliking in this WARGAMEVAULT LINK.

Saturday 9 July 2022


Hi! I just wanted to let you know how every project is going on:

1. I already started editing the layout design for the second edition of Fear of the Dark, I Hope It doesn't take too long, but It's a more than 260 Pages file: the ruleset, 8 scenarios and one campaign...

The rules Will suffer some changes (the AI Will be easier to use) and some things Will be clearly explained. The layout design Will be slightly modified as well.

Apart from that, the Game Will be written without gramatical mistakes or typos. 

As you know I'm not an english native speaker, but several members from the Fear of the Dark Facebook group have taken their time to help me and correct the text so that It is properly written.

The Game Will be published in two separate books: one with the rules and four scenarios and a second book with four scenarios and the campaign.

Everything Will be uploaded to wargamevault and Will be free for all those Who already had bought Fear of the Dark.

2. New scenarios for Fear of the Dark... well... I have a lot of ideas, but two of them are really appealing: one dealing with a fishy town similar to Innsmouth and another one dealing with an expedition in the sands of egypt. 

I have developed all the possible "paths" in the first one and just need to write it down. I´ll be playing this one this week or the next one, as soon as I have all the terrain ready.

Remember: keep your deep ones ready...

(and as an addition this scenario will include a skirmish battle between US soldiers and hoards of monsters, as a preview of the following project ↓ )

3. The ww2 (and weird ww2) rules are working properly. After a lot of playtesting most rules have been changed once and again, but it seems that I have reached a point where they are stable and work as I want. Nevertheless I may make some changes as I keep playtesting the rules.

With the rules almost finished it just would need a lot of scenarios, and as they are quite simple to write (not as Fear of the Dark ones) I hope I can write a few and have the ruleset finished in the next few months.

After that it would need a long photography session and some time of edition to make the layout.

This project is going to take more time than I expected, as I´m trying to do my best and dont want to make mistakes or leave aside important aspects of the game, but this game is something I really want to do, and I want all of you to play and enjoy it.

And this is it... 

Of course I dont know how long will it take me to do each of these projects as I, the same like you, also have a real life that needs time (job, kids, social life, everyday problems...)

I hope I have time and go step by step to finish all of them as soon as possible.

Friday 11 March 2022


 A new thrilling campaign is available for free for Fear of the Dark.

Jerry tugged several times on the axe handle unable to get it to release from where it was stuck, after trying in vain to pull the blade of the axe out he decided to rest his foot on the poor man´s back.

 Pushing hard with his foot and pulling energetically on the axe handle, he managed to force the blade out of the back, exposing a large wound from which blood was flowing. 

Looking down at the stranger's immobile body, he tilted his head to one side and crouched beside him.

 Bringing his lips close to his victim's ear Jerry asked him in a low voice: 

 "Do you still hear the violins playing?"

Sons of the New Moon is a campaign that will take your investigators to their limits: a writer is missing while he was making a research for a new book, a horror novel about a long time disappeared esoteric cult. everything seems like he has discovered something... something wicked.

Will they dicover the writer´s whereabout?

Will they make it alive?

Will they find what happened with the Sons of the New Moon?

This is the introduction for this campaign, to get it for free just log in your wargamevault profile and look in the Fear of the Dark folder, you may download and enjoy it.

and as always...


Saturday 15 January 2022


Quizás muchos hayais visto que el juego Fear of the Dark ha desaparecido en castellano.
Tanto el archivo para su compra en Wargamevault como la versión de demostración gratuíta.
Todo tiene una explicación...

Hace poco se llegó al acuerdo con la compañía editorial Shadowlands para su edición de modo profesional tanto en formato físico como digital.

Shadowlands es una editorial seria y con mucha fuerza especializada en los juegos de rol de ambientación de terror, y quien haya visto algunos de sus trabajos no podrá mas que concluir que se trata de la mejor editorial que se podría encargar de lanzar este proyecto de modo profesional.

Así que durante unos meses Fear of the Dark no estará disponible en castellano, pero en breve podreis disfrutar de una versión realmente profesional que seguro que no os va a dejar indiferentes.

¿Que pasará con aquellos que ya adquirieron el juego a través de Wargamevault?

Aún no hay nada asentado, pero se planteó darles algún tipo de beneficio a los que ya habían comprado el juego si adquirían el libro una vez sea publicado por Shadowlands.

Aunque ese beneficio aún está por decidirse en firme, tened por seguro que aquellos que confiaron en este proyecto desde el principio no van a caer en el olvido, gracias a vosotros es posible este juego y tanto a la editorial como a mi nos parece algo digno de premiar.

Aún nos quedan unos meses para poder ver Fear of the Dark editado de manera profesional, pero os puedo asegurar que la espera habrá merecido la pena...

Mientras tanto permaneced juntos...

No os separeis...

Y sobre todo, temed a la oscuridad...


Many of you may have noticed that the game Fear of the Dark has disappeared in Spanish.
Both the file in Wargamevault and the free demo version.
Everything has an explanation...

Recently an agreement was reached with the Shadowlands publishing company for its professional edition in both physical and digital format.

Shadowlands is a serious and strong publishing company specialized in horror role-playing games, and anyone who has seen anyof their work can only conclude that this is the best publisher that could be responsible for launching this project in a professional way.

So for a few months Fear of the Dark will not be available in Spanish, but soon you will be able to enjoy a really professional version that will surprise you.

What will happen to those who already purchased the game through Wargamevault?

Nothing is set in stone yet, but it has been considered to give some kind of benefit to those who have already bought the game if they purchase the book once it is published by Shadowlands.

Although that benefit is yet to be decided, be sure that those who trusted in this project from the very beginning are not going to be forgotten, thanks to you this game is possible and both the publishing company and I think it's something worth rewarding.

We still have a few months to see Fear of the Dark edited in a professional way, but be sure that the wait will be worth it...

In the meantime stay close...

Stay together...

And above all, have fear of the dark...