Wednesday, 3 August 2022


Fear of the Dark skirmish wargame is back with a second edition!

After a year and a half from being published an improved second edition is available: Rules have been checked and modified, the AI controlling the enemies has been made easier to use, layout has been improved, typos have been corrected and checked...

Fear of the Dark 2nd edition is now available and it is made of two books including the whole set of rules (tokens, cards and everything needed to play), eight scenarios and a short campaign... 

More than 260 pages full of chances to fight nameless horrors...

Fear of the Dark is a narrative solo wargame of skirmish battles using miniatures set in the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft and designed to play solo or full coop.

Narrative since the plot in each scenario will have a great deal of narrative weight, everything will have a reason in these scenarios. 

The background of this wargame is set in the worlds of madness created by H,P, Lovecraft, where a strange universe of gods and monsters underlies our reality, twisting our world upside down and throwing ourselves into a bottomless pit of madness.

Solo since Fear of the Dark is designed to be played solo, although you can play with more people as long as they work cooperatively. 

The AI will decide which enemy miniature will activate and which actions will it make, so, you don't play both sides, you just play your side against this AI, but I have to warn you... That damned AI is good at it... This is not going to be easy...

Skirmish since the games will be played with a few miniatures on a small table with some terrain.

If you want more information on Fear of the Dark just visit the post made to explain what this game is about:

What is Fear of the Dark?

Or you can visit Fear of the Darkfacebook group by clicking this LINK.

Fear of the Dark is available through Wargamevault, and you can buy it for 10€/11$ cliking in this WARGAMEVAULT LINK.


  1. Hola, los que compramos la primera edición tenemos algún descuento? Gracias

    1. Buenas!

      Es gratis para los que comprasteis la primera edición en inglés.

      Solo tienes que ir a tu perfil de wargamevault y descargarlo gratis de tu carpeta de Fear of the Dark.

      Considero justo que si ya adquiriste el juego en inglés sea gratis está versión mejorada.

      Si compraste el juego en español la edición saldrá a cargo de la editorial Shadowlands que publicará el juego en español de modo totalmente profesional.

      Para septiembre -octubre tendremos noticias de esta edición, que te aseguro no va a dejar indiferente.